Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Diagnostic Reporting System

As of March 1st, the Adams County Plant Diagnostic Clinic is using a new method to communicate with our clients. We have always been anonymously reporting our plant sample results to the National Plant Diagnostic System and now the software has been revised. The upgrade is designed to communicate diagnostic information pertaining to your sample submissions back to you more efficiently. Preliminary and final diagnostic reports as well as billing invoices can now be sent directly to your email address. Ultimately the system is designed to deliver written diagnostic information into your hands within 24 hours of sample receipt and keep you informed the duration of the diagnostic procedure. Naturally with every new database, some bugs will need to be worked out before the system proves to function at its full potential. Hopefully this transition will flow smoothly with very few malfunctions or delays.

During receipt of the new diagnostic emails, we hope to receive input from our clients regarding the quality and efficiency of the diagnostic reports and billing invoices. We welcome feedback regarding the new email system during this transition period. And as always, if you prefer phone calls or paper mail over email just let us know!

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