Thursday, April 10, 2008


Looks okay, right? Now look at the base.....
This sample was so fun to work with! Usually samples have an incredible odor (like the last post on Geotrichum soft rot), but this was a lavender sample. Even when decaying, it still smells great! This sample presented as potted cuttings that develop dieback on the lower leaves and petioles. Possible Phytophtora present that I need to confirm. Root, leaf, and stem samples were plated and a section of the plant is incubating to induce sporulation. My money is on Phytophthora...results forthcoming!

Well, I lost that bet! The plates showed Rhizoctonia growing from the stems and leaf lesions. What I thought was a Phytophthora turned out to a be a very very young asexual fungus. I'm (slowly) learning to have a little more patience with samples and let them incubate and grow in culture longer. This was one case of jumping to judgment too soon!

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