Monday, October 18, 2010

Potyvirus in Korean radish

This sample came in before the winter break from a grower who specializes in Asian vegetables. A bag full of Korean radishes (also known as tae baek)- white & green very large (~6 inches long and ~3 inches diameter) radishes. This sample presented with leaf curling and dark flecks in the root tissue. Never having encountered a Korean radish before, I had to research the seed catalogs online to see if the green shoulders were normal (they are). The sample was in the cooler for too long and the foliage was beginning to deteriorate, so no picture but symptoms were similar to those caused by viruses.

Possibilities: virus or abiotic (herbicide, nutrient deficiency).

Tests done: CMV (ImmunoStrip assay from Agdia), POTY (elisa assay from Agdia)

Results: (-)CMV, (+)Potyvirus

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